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Ariadna Ojeda

13 Jun 2020
Santa Marta, Magdalena (Colombia)

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Ariadna Ojeda
Ariadna Ojeda [photo:]

Ariadna was found lying on the floor of her room. She had been stabbed in the chest.

A trans woman was killed with several stab wounds to the body. Her body was found by relatives who entered her home located in the Cristo Rey neighborhood, in the south of Santa Marta.

[Deadname] Ojeda, a native of Riohacha, La Guajira, known as Ariadna in the LGTBI community, was found lying on the floor of her room with a bloody wound to her chest.

The incident took place on calle 147 with carerra 8C in the Cristo Rey neighborhood and, according to the accounts of several neighbors, her body was found by relatives at around 10:45 pm on Saturday.

In October 2020 Deiner Palacín was arrested for her murder.

A man who was arrested for the crime of femicide is at the disposal of the Prosecutor's Office and awaiting a judge to resolve proceedings. This is Deiner Palacín who is accused by the authorities of murdering a trans woman identified as Ariadna with 58 stab wounds in Santa Marta in June 2020.

The crime was committed in the Cristo Rey neighborhood and at the time police found the victim's body in her room. One of the hypotheses pointed to a possible revenge, however no further details of the case were provided.

After months of investigation, the Prosecutor's Office and the Sijín captured Palacín in the south of Santa Marta and now he will be prosecuted for the crime.

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