TDoR 2020 / 2020 / June / 28 / Dr. Igor Lima Potêncio

Dr. Igor Lima Potêncio

Age 24 (born 30 Jun 1995)

28 Jun 2020
Palma, Tocantins (Brazil)

Dr. Igor Lima Potêncio
Dr. Igor Lima Potêncio [photo:]

Igor was a newly qualified lawyer. He died by suicide two days before his birthday and the day before he was due to take office at the OAB / TO Sexual Diversity Commission.

The young trans lawyer, Dr. Igor Lima Potêncio, who committed suicide with the weapon of his father (a Lieutenant of the Military Police) this Sunday, in Palmas, was due to take office at the OAB / TO Sexual Diversity Commission this Monday, 29.

The OAB Commission and the Family Law Institute issued a press release lamenting his death. Dr. Igor was considered "an active professional, emphasizing the great contribution and legacy left. A pride in all Tocantins' law, ”said the OAB.

“Dr. Igor dared to dream and achieve a historic milestone within Tocantins' law. Setting an example for the whole society. You were great! You were immense! You were strong! ” highlighted the Tocantins Family Law Institute.

"It is with deep sadness that the OAB / TO Commission on Sexual Diversity comes to express our immense dismay due to the premature loss of the young lawyer Dr. Igor Lima Potêncio, who would take office today as the first transsexual leader in the history of OAB / TO, making its entry into this conglomerate official. We sympathize with family and friends in this time of pain, and with all loved ones. We deeply regret that we lost a friend and an active professional, highlighting the great contribution and legacy left. A pride to all Tocantins' law.

"Although he has not yet been sworn in, he has long participated in the work of this commission. He was among us in this daily and tireless struggle against prejudice and LGBT phobia. It had a glow in the natural look. An insistent smile on his face. He dreamed and embarked on plans and ideals instantly. He was a great man!"

It is with regret that the ATRACT - Association of Travesties and Transgender of Tocantins State regrets the passing of fellow Igor Lima Potencio.

He was a lawyer and activist for transgender causes. Igor would be impossible as the first transgender leader of OAB, sectional Tocantins this Monday, 06/29/2020, eve of the date of his 25th birthday (06/30/2020).

Igor's suicide on June 28th in which the International LGBTQI + Pride Day is commemorated and brings out the pressing need for discussion about racism, LGBTphobia and the depression experienced by the community. And in that context it is important to stress that many transgender people face very intimate processes of self-recognition through gender transition.

Rest in peace, mate, in every struggle we resist to exist, you will be rememorated as an icon and martyr of our fight here in Tocantins state.


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