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Vida Borges de Melo

2 Jul 2020
Realengo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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Vida Borges de Melo

Vida was shot in the back by a client after an argument and died two weeks later in hospital. Her killer was subsequently arrested at his home.

The Civil Police arrested on Wednesday (1st) a man suspected of killing a [trans woman] in Realengo, in the West Zone of Rio. Romilson Loureiro was arrested at home after searches by the teams of the 33rd DP (Realengo).

The suspect had hired the [trans woman], who goes by the name of Vida, to make a program. After the meeting, Romilson realized he was without his wallet and went back to the point where he had found the [trans woman], to retrieve his belongings.

After an argument, Vida ran out and Romilson shot her in the back. The victim died two weeks later in hospital.

The delegate in charge of the investigations, Reginaldo Guilherme, said that they identified the suspect after locating an identity document that he had dropped during the incident.

Source: Observatório Trans

Report added: 20 Jul 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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