TDoR 2020 / 2020 / July / 05 / Hillary Mendoza Pérez

Hillary Mendoza Pérez

Age 18

5 Jul 2020
Ibagué, Tolima (Colombia)
Cosmetic filler poisoning

Hillary Mendoza Pérez
Hillary Mendoza Pérez [photo:]

Hillary died in hospital several days after an unofficial medical procedure. Subsequently, a judicial investigation was opened for the crime of wrongful death.

At the Federico Lleras Acosta hospital the lifeless body of a young Venezuelan trans [woman] arrived. Her friends, in the midst of tears and pain, told the authorities that a few days ago Hillary had undergone buttock injections, and since then her hers health had been complicated - but they never thought that her life was going to end because of this procedure.

Hillary, who was only 18 years old, had been in Ibagué for a few months arriving before the COVID-19 emergency was declared and was planning to be alone while passing through the musical city. However, due to isolation she had to stay in the capital of Tolima, bearing all the abuses to which the members of the trans community are victims there.

To begin with, they ran her out of the hostel where she lived. She drifted, and from there she went to live with her friend Alejandra, another Venezuelan trans woman that she had met in the middle of the long night working hours in the cold streets of Ibagueña where both they practiced the oldest profession in the world.

With Alejandra and Hillary lived with other women from this community, some dedicated to selling their bodies, others to selling reds in the Plaza de la 21, but they all collaborated to live as well as possible in the midst of the pandemic.

In the last days of June Hillary told Alejandra that she had made contact with a friend who came from Bogotá and that she was going to apply a substance to her buttocks. Alejandra told her to think about it, as it was dangerous - even more so because she was taking hormones to help her to transition.

But Hillary had a dream, to look prettier, more feminine, and after working and raising a good amount of money, she sent her mother in Venezuela a birthday gift that she wanted to give her, and decided to undergo this intervention.

Alejandra told Alert Tolima of the Popular News of La Cariñosa that to this day she does not know who was the one who operated on her friend , just remember that last Monday holiday she left early in the morning and returned at about three o'clock the happy afternoon with his new body.

All her friends congratulated her and shared the happiness of her change, however, the joy would not last long, as a few days later Hillary began to feel ill.

What followed next can only be described as a real nightmare, Hillary's pain, fever and general discomfort became increasingly unbearable, but she insisted that she felt good, however, last Sunday her situation worsened, being evident to her colleagues that they had to take her to a hospital.

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