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Silvina Roldán ("Sil")

Age 35

13 Jul 2020
Santiago del Estero (Argentina)

Silvina Roldán ("Sil")
Silvina Roldán ("Sil") [photo:]

Silvina died by suicide in her home. A relative discovered her body at the back of the house.

Silvana Roldán was 35 years old and lived with her relatives in a humble house in the John Kennedy neighborhood. She was found dead on her property by a close friend. The Prosecutor's Office ordered the autopsy.

It was a few minutes before nine in the morning yesterday, when a relative of the young trans [woman] got up to go to work. She was at her house, which is located on Calle 234 in the aforementioned neighborhood. Looking towards the patio of her house, she discovered that "something hanging". She went to see what it was and confirmed that it was Roldán.

"Sil" as her loved ones affectionately called her, was a happy and very active person among her companions. The reasons that led to her drastic determination to end her life are unknown. She would have hanged herself in the early hours of yesterday.

The body of the victim was examined by the Police Health doctor, who indicated that she had been dead for several hours. He advised that she be subjected to an autopsy to establish the time of and details of her death.

Silvana was a well-known hairdresser in the neighborhood.

"Rest in peace Silvana, you will always be in our memory," wrote a friend of the young trans [woman]. While a close friend posted on her Facebook account: “My God, my friend. You were the joy of the party. May the light that has no end shine for her. ”

The victim's relatives also said their last goodbyes, saying: “Friend and sister, we are going to miss you. We do not understand the decision you made friend. Fly high, see you soon. ”

13/07/2020, we received the sad news that the companion #Silvana Silvana Roldan, 35, who was located in the city of Santiago del Estero (Prov de Santiago del Estero), took her own life.

It's the third suicide death in less than a month, this year they have grown significantly due to lack of public policies including Trans People, it's really unfortunate that three deaths are due to this, and none of them were older than 35.

We need answers from the STATE, we no longer want companions killed by depression, it is a very high index disease in the Trans Argentina population, this is only due to lack of empathy, and quit.


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