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Manuela de Cássia

Age 48

20 Jul 2020
Milan, Lombardy (Italy)

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Manuela de Cássia
Manuela de Cássia [photo:]

Manuela's body was found in her home with nearly 80 stab wounds. Subsequently, a 42 year old businessman was arrested for her murder.

Killed with at least 80 stabs last Monday, 20, the transsexual artist from Ceará, Manuela de Cássia, was close to leaving the escorting profession and returning to Fortaleza. The information was revealed by a friend of the victim in an interview with O POVO CBN radio. The crime occurred in [maps in Milan,] Italy, and was committed by a client after an argument.

Receptionist Antonio Teixeira Neto, a longtime friend of Manuela's, revealed that she was looking to profit by investing in the real estate sector in order to be able to build a beauty salon in Fortaleza and return to the city as a hairdresser, in which she had technical training and experience, according to the friend.

“Someone determined and generous”, as Antonio defined Manuela. He points out that she tried to help everyone around her, especially her family. She also said that she maintained regular contact with her friend, using voice and video calls, especially during the coronavirus quarantine.

Asked if Manuela reported any fear or commented on any kind of threat, the receptionist said that there was no unusual report in his last conversations with her. “But with time, the risks become less perceptible. [Being an escort] is a long shot, ”he said. Antonio mentioned that violence is routine in a companion's life and that, over time, people become less sensitive to any dangerous situation.

Four days after the murder Cristian Losso, 42, was arrested. On 25th January 2021 his trial started on charges of voluntary homicide aggravated by cruelty and torture.

The 42-year-old bank employee, arrested four days after the crime, was identified from images taken by security cameras in the area: on the day when Rabacchi's body was discovered, according to the videos, he entered twice in short distance in the building where the victim lived.

According to the investigative hypothesis, Losso committed the murder after an evening of alcohol and drugs and then returned to the apartment to eliminate the evidence by starting fires on the kitchen counter in an attempt to cause an explosion. For this last aspect, the man must also answer for the charge of collapse of buildings or other malicious disasters and not of massacre as claimed by the investigators at first.

In the first hearing, the bank's lawyer, Davide Montani, will file documentation on Losso's mental state in view of a request to the Court of Appraisal to assess whether the accused was capable of understanding and willing at the time of the events.

On 24th May 2021 Losso was sentenced to 18 years in prison for Manuela's murder.

MILAN, MAY 24 (ANSA) - A Milan court on Monday sentenced former Italian banker Cristian Losso to 18 years in prison for the murder of Manuela, a Brazilian trans woman, with 147 stab wounds. The crime took place on July 20, 2020 in the capital of the Lombardy region.

Manuela's Facebook profile is,7727ed6ffa42b3b303aa2f5d112673b0uab2c2ep.html

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