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Exón Vélez

Age 27

26 Jul 2020
Buena Fe, Los Ríos (Ecuador)

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Exón Vélez
Exón Vélez [photo:]

Exon and and their partner were murdered with machete blows. Exon was non-binary.

The Silhouette X Association, a member of the Ecuadorian Federation of LGBT Organizations and the National Platform for Trans Revolution, publicize the following.

Yesterday, Sunday, July 26, 2020, dawn today, Monday, July 27, at the home of Exón Vélez, in Buena Fe, in the Province of Los Ríos, an atrocious act occurs against two people from the generic sex populations. The Psycho Trans Center of the Silhouette X Association, made the necessary contacts to know that the person who was killed was Exón Vélez, life taken by a group of people apparently from the locality. The cause of the atrocious act is still unknown, nor does it motivate the taking of the life of a person from the community.

Exon, who was better known as "La Mariquinga" was found in a lottery near his home, with deep cuts on his right arm and leg. Likewise, on the right side, several deep cuts apparently made with a machete in the neck. Next to them were their partner, who was also killed. His body was found in the same condition with deep cuts that apparently have been caused by a machete. In this case, he was found in a pool of blood and near Exón Vélez's motorcycle, probably in an attempt to flee and save his life or alert the authorities to what was happening.

We strongly reject what happened in Buena Fe, Los Ríos Province and we demand that the authorities, especially the Prosecutor's Office, carry out the necessary investigations to find the culprits. With this case, according to the Runa Sipiy Report of murders, violent or unclear deaths against LGBT populations, carried out by the Silhouette X Association, there are six murders so far this 2020.

Exón's Facebook profile is

TvT partner organisation: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & www.SiluetaX.Org 27.07.2020

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