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Luisa Ávila Henao

Age 23 (born 15 Aug 1996)

3 Aug 2020
Buga, Valle de Cauca (Colombia)

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Luisa Ávila Henao
Luisa Ávila Henao [photo:]

Luisa's decomposing body was found inside an irrigation pipe on the morning of Monday 3rd August. She had been missing since 26th July.

On Monday morning, a lifeless body of a trans woman was found in an irrigation water pipe that had been reported missing on July 26.

Preliminarily investigations suggest that Luisa Ávila Henao, 22 years old, was last seen alive at her brother's house, located in Ciudad Señora, from where she left without specifying a destination.

The woman was next heard of when people warned of the discovery of a body in a pipe located in Balboa Alley, near the Buga Jail and on one side of the double carriageway.

The body, according to the authorities that handled the case, was in an advanced state of decomposition, so it has not yet been possible to establish the causes or the way in which his death occurred.

Luisa had been an active advocate for the rights of LGBTI people for at least 10 years. She was murdered just under two weeks before her birthday.

Luisa worked for 10 years in social activities related to the LGBTI community, she was an advocate for the rights of this population. Those who knew her said that she was a very kind person and that she had to fight many battles.

“Luisa was a very loving girl. She had to go through very difficult moments in her life, but we never imagined that it would end that way, ”said Alexánder Quintero, an activist from the LGTBI community in Buga.

The regional media CNC News highlighted that Henao would be 24 years old this August 15.

What a M.... 😡🏳️ ⚧ #NosSiguenMatando

Santamaría Foundation deeply regrets the murder of our sister Trans Luisa Ávila Henao from the municipality of Buga (Valley), who had disappeared since last week.

We demand once again that full attention be paid to the current increase in violence against trans people at the national level and that our deaths be investigated and judged by the persons responsible.

#NiUnaEstrellaFucsiaMas 😡

Luisa's Facebook profile is

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