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Alice Garrefa

9 Aug 2020
Americana, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Alice Garrefa
Alice Garrefa [photo:]

Alice's body was found in the Piracicaba River on Sunday 9th August. She had last been seen alive 6 days earlier and her abusive ex-partner is a suspect in her murder.

A 25-year-old transsexual makeup artist identified as Alice Garrefa was found dead in the Piracicaba River, in the city of Americana, in the interior of São Paulo, last Sunday (9), shortly after ending an abusive relationship in which she was kept in prison and beaten.

The revelation, made to the EPTV channel by one of Alice's friends, who explained that the victim was spending a few days at a friend's house in Ribeirão Preto, and was called to a motel [on Avenida Barão do Bananal] by her ex-boyfriend, who used an unidentified number [presumably, to trick her].

She contacted her current boyfriend and warned that the man who had called her to the motel was from the city of Florianópolis, the same municipality where her abusive ex was born. Then Alice's cell phone was turned off.

The victim's body was not found until six days after she left the motel in a white car accompanied by the man. The case is being investigated in secrecy by the Homicide Police in Ribeirão Preto.

José Martins Aires Júnior, 55, was arrested on 21st August. Allegedly he paid a colleague to arrange to arrange to meet with her but went himself instead. She was never seen alive again.

The case went to trial and on 5th May 2022 Ayres Júnior was sentenced to 16 years for Alice's murder.

Insurance broker José Martins Ayres Júnior was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the death of transsexual makeup artist Alice Garrefa in Ribeirão Preto (SP). The sentence was confirmed during a jury trial that ended on Thursday night (5).

Ayres, 55, was convicted of qualified homicide for clumsy motive, a resource that made it difficult for the victim to defend himself and asphyxiate after eight hours of trial.

The defense said it will appeal to request that he be kept under house arrest. The defendant has been in prison for a year and seven months at the Provisional Detention Center (CDP) in Ribeirão Preto.,0,0,1758818,corretor-vai-a-juri-por-morte-da-maquiadora-transexual-alice-garrefa.aspx,0,0,1759037,corretor-e-condenado-a-16-anos-de-prisao-por-morte-de-maquiadora-transexual.aspx,0,0,1551682,suspeito-do-assassinato-de-maquiadora-transexual-vira-reu.aspx,0,0,1542083,corretor+e+indiciado+por+morte+de+maquiadora+transexual.aspx,0,0,1539808,policia+prende+segundo+suspeito+por+morte+de+transexual.aspx,0,0,1538011,suspeito+de+envolvimento+em+morte+de+transexual+e+preso.aspx,0,0,1537381,mae+afirma+que+corpo+achado+em+rio+e+de+transexual+desaparecida.aspx,0,0,1537457,transexual+de+sertaozinho+e+encontrada+morta+no+rio+piracicaba.aspx

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