TDoR 2020 / 2020 / August / 11 / Vanessa Solórzano/Rotolo

Vanessa Solórzano/Rotolo

Age 20

11 Aug 2020
San Miguel de Tucumán (Argentina)

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Vanessa Solórzano/Rotolo
Vanessa Solórzano/Rotolo [photo:]

Vanessa was stabbed in the back by a taxi driver after he refused to pay her. The driver was arrested.

A day before the [third] anniversary of the transfemicide of Ayelen Gómez, in the early hours of this Tuesday, the lifeless body of the 20 year old trans woman Vanessa Solórzano was found. The incident occurred in the San Francisco neighborhood, in the south of the capital of Tucumán. The person responsible for the femicide, a 30-year-old taxi driver named Daniel Sanchez, has already been apprehended.

People close to the victim reported to us that at approximately 4:30 a.m. in the morning the taxi driver contacted the young woman. Vanessa was a sex worker and Daniel Sanchéz refused to pay her. During an argument she took the keys of the vehicle and he stabbed her in the back.

Vanessa's friends expressed that they are very angry and helpless, even more so when they see that local media, such as Contexto and La Gaceta, distorted the information published by claiming that there was an attempted robbery by the victim and that she was assassinated as a result.

"She would never have stolen from anyone." "She lived with her sister and her nephews. Although they were aware of her work on the street and asked her not to take risks, it was the only way to generate income that she had", expressed her best friend, who asked that her name be withheld.

"She looked for a job but no one would give her one. She wanted to be a makeup artist. She liked artistic makeup, especially the Drag Queen art world", she said.

On August 11th we posted on the networks about the stabbing murder of Vanesa Solorzano, a 20-year-old trans girl. The news was given earlier by the #LGBTTIQ+ agency Presentes.

A partner from #Tucumán communicated with @cha_argentina, Bruno Bazán, an activist from Kompañeres Tucumán Peroncha. He informed us that she actually used the last name Solorzano because it was [the name of] the person coordinating the "Dios los Cría" bowling alley.

Vanesa's last name is Rotolo and she was killed in the South Zone of Tucumán. The almost zero impact that #transesticides and #transfemicides often have on national media seems to indicate that murders due to #identity, still respond to binary gender visions.

We ask the media for collaboration to jointly change the information criteria and fight to overcome the binary and patriarchal vision that does not consider these murders as transesticides, transfemicides or femicide, according to their self-employed identity. The press release from @cha_argentina was released today.

Report added: 19 Aug 2020. Last updated: 8 Oct 2022

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