TDoR 2020 / 2020 / August / 13 / Barbara Ellen

Barbara Ellen

Age 53

13 Aug 2020
Contagem, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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Barbara Ellen
Barbara Ellen [photo:]

Barbara Ellen's body was found on her bed by a neighbour who went to check on her. Her neck had been cut.

The body of a [trans woman], HDB, 53, known as "Ellen", was found on the afternoon of last Thursday, August 13, with a cut on the neck on her bed, in the house where she lived, in Bairro JK, in Count.

The victim had not been seen by her neighbors for at least two days. This caused concern among the residents, who met in the early afternoon and decided to break down the door of the house, which was done by a neighbor.

The man broke down the door and noticed that there was nothing untidy. It was there that he entered the house and, when he got to his room, turned on the light and came across Ellen's body, lying on the bed, on a bloodstained sheet.

The neighbor noted that there was a cut in the cut on Ellen's neck. He left the house and told the other residents, who then called the police.

Source: Observatório Trans,1175919/corpo-de-travesti-e-encontrado-em-cama-com-corte-no-pescoco.shtml

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