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Francesca Galatro

Age 66

17 Aug 2020
Vallo della Lucania, Salerno (Italy)

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Francesca Galatro
Francesca Galatro [photo:]

Francesca was stabbed in a homeless shelter by a man with whom she had a relationship. He has reportedly confessed to killing her.

On the orders of the prosecutor Alfonso Serretiello of the Prosecutor's Office of Vallo della Lucania (Sa), a man has been in custody since late afternoon today for the murder of the 66-year-old trans [woman] Francesca Galatro. The suspect, with a criminal record, allegedly acted out of jealousy.

The woman was found lifeless yesterday afternoon, with a knife stuck in her heart, in her room at a shelter for the homeless managed by the S8 Zone Plan of which the Municipality of Vallo is the leading body. The Municipality had ordered the closure due to Covid emergency and Francesca would have to leave the structure, like another ten guests (including a family), tomorrow.

Francesca was originally from Buonabitacolo, had a degree in engineering and experience as a teacher. She suffered from depression and had asked to be admitted to the shelter the previous year. She was also a devout Christian who attended Mass regularly.

The news [of her murder] shocked the community of Vallo where the woman was also known for her profound religiosity, which led her to participate in the celebration of Mass every evening.

As stated to Gaynews by the architect and trans activist Ottavia Voza, "beyond the specific aspects linked to this heinous crime, the outline of which is taking shape as the investigations develop, what is once again striking is the marginalization experienced too often by trans women, who live the burden of loneliness and the difficulties of social integration.

"Francesca was an engineer who had to resort to the assistance of public services to overcome her material difficulties, and it is not difficult to imagine that her condition as a trans woman who lived in small southern [towns] could have had a decisive weight in the development of her personal history".

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