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Claudinha Leite

Age 26

20 Aug 2020
Canindé de São Francisco, Sergipe (Brazil)
Punched and fell

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Claudinha Leite
Claudinha Leite [photo:]

Claudinha was killed by her ex-boyfriend after she ended their relationship.

Claudia Leite was 26 years old, transsexual, lived in the municipality of Canindé de São Francisco and, like many other transgender people in Brazil, had a dream: to be able to live in peace. However, at dawn last Thursday, the 20th, her name ended up in the ranking that anguishes and despairs several LGBTQIA + citizens in the country: that of violence against the public.

Relatives of the young woman told the police that she had recently ended a relationship and, after she disappeared, decided to file a police report. The agents started searching for the main suspect, her ex-partner, identified as Marques José dos Santos, 19 years old. After he was located he confessed to killing the young woman.

According to information from the Civil Police, “Gaspar”, as he is known, said that, after the end of their relationship, he arranged a meeting with her, in a location known as Beira Rio, saying that they needed to talk. When they arrived, unhappy with the end of the relationship, he ended up arguing with the young woman.

According to his testimony, during the argument the suspect punched the transsexual [woman] in the face. She lost her balance and fell from a height of approximately six meters As a result of the fall she died.

After that, he confessed that he dragged the victim and threw her into the São Francisco River, leaving her to be carried by the current. Her body [was found on 21st August near Buraco do Padre].

Note: some news reports name the victim as both "Claudinha" and others as "Claudia".

In December 2021 Marques José dos Santos was sentenced to 14 years in prison for Claudinha's femicide.

Marques José dos Santos, known as Gaspar, accused of femicide was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the death of 26-year-old transsexual Claudinha Leite. The crime took place in August 2020, in the municipality of Canindé de São Francisco, in the hinterland of the state.

The jury trial took place last Tuesday, 7th, at the Forum in the city of Canindé. Claudinha had disappeared after being attacked by her partner in a region known as Beira Rio, in the same municipality.

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