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Isabella Soares (Isabella Pedrozo)

Age 22

23 Aug 2020
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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Isabella Soares (Isabella Pedrozo)
Isabella Soares (Isabella Pedrozo) [photo:]

Isabella was shot dead in a motel room in what appears to have been a targetted execution aimed not at her, but at the man she was with. She died at the scene.

This week started in a mood of mourning for the LGBTI community in Curitiba. Isabella Soares, 22 years old, was murdered in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, in a crime that seems to have been aimed at her companion. Isabella has lived in Canoas since the beginning of the year and may have been killed by mistake.

According to the police, the man who was in the room with her was the target of a gang of three men who broke into the San Diego motel in the Ipanema neighborhood and ordered that the door be opened. When this did not happen they fired several shots with a 9mm pistol through a window, hitting Isabella three times. She died on the spot. The crime occurred at around 11 pm on Sunday.

The 24-year-old who was with her has a criminal record. He hid in the bathroom and was the one who called the Military Brigade after the criminals left the place. The 4th Homicide Police Station in Porto Alegre (4th DPHPP) of the Civil Police investigates the murder. Apparently, in a brief internet search, executions inside motels in Rio Grande do Sul are common.

It is worth praising the police of Rio Grande do Sul and the Rio Grande do Sul press that did not treat the death of the young trans in a sensationalist way, always referring to her as a woman, without revealing her transsexuality.

Isabella's Facebook profile is

Note that some sources name her as Isabella Pedrozo.

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