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Brandy Ronzon Huerta Cortez

26 Aug 2020
Puente Nacional, Veracruz (Mexico)

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Brandy Ronzon Huerta Cortez
Brandy Ronzon Huerta Cortez [photo:]

Brandy and her mother Luisa were killed in their home on the afternoon of Wednesday 26th August.

Puente Nacional, Ver.- A mother and daughter were murdered in cold blood in their own home on Wednesday afternoon, on calle Antonio Mella in the Las Cabezas community of the municipality.

Their bodies were discovered by neighbors after they approached the house (which also functioned as a depósito "La Niña"). When they did not receive an answer, they looked in and saw them lying on the floor.

They immediately called the emergency services, and a few minutes later rescuers from the Cardel-Úrsulo Galván Red Cross delegation arrived. When they wanted to give them first aid, they realized that multiple puncture wounds had taken their lives.

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