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Melody Barrera

Age 27

29 Aug 2020
Guaymallén, Mendoza (Argentina)

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Melody Barrera
Melody Barrera [photo:]

Melody was shot six times by the occupant of a passing vehicle and died at the scene. Three weeks later a police officer was arrested for her murder.

A [trans woman] was shot this morning from a car in Guaymallén and died on the spot, police sources confirmed.

The brutal attack occurred at 4 in the morning at the corner of the eastern side of Costanera and Correa Saa, in Guaymallén. The fatal victim was identified as Melody Barrera, 27, the sources added.

A call to 911 alerted emergency services to a person lying on the public highway. When they arrived they found a trans woman was lying on the sidewalk, who, at first glance, had several gunshot wounds to the chest. The presence of an SEC ambulance was quickly requested, but upon arrival, the professional in charge determined that Barrera had died.

Initial investigations suggest that the assailants would have passed by in a vehicle firing shots, fatally wounding Barrera. Several 9mm caliber shell casings were recovered.

29/08/2020 The Compañera #Melody was shot, she lived in Guaymallen (Prov de Mendoza).

The brutal act happened at 4 am on the corner of the east side of Costanera and Correa Saa, in Guaymallén.

The fatal victim was identified as 27-year-old Melody Barrera, sources added.

Another partner killed, until when will this continue to happen and as always NO ONE STOPPED.


Three weeks after the murder, Darío Jesús Chaves Rubio, 31, - a police officer - was arrested.

Almost three weeks after the violent crime and following the analysis of security cameras in the area and the testimony of witnesses, the provincial Public Prosecutor's Office requested the arrest of the possible murderer: Darío Jesús Chaves Rubio (31), Principal Assistant of Police Station 34 of the Banking District of Godoy Cruz , who from now on must face a serious accusation.

The Prosecutor of Instruction Carolina Lazo, of the Mendoza Homicide Fiscal Unit, charged him with the crime of homicide aggravated by hatred of gender expression in an ideal contest with homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm , and in a real contest for quarantine violation. This strong accusation places the cash in front of the possibility of a life sentence.

Key to the arrest of the suspect was the statement of a witness who claimed to have met him before the crime and who had told him that he was going "to look for a gun and shoot the transvestite” - clear evidence that the murder was a transphobic hate crime.

Report added: 30 Aug 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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