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Mélani Aguiar

Age 20

31 Aug 2020
Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
Cosmetic filler complications

Mélani Aguiar
Mélani Aguiar [photo:]

Mélani died from organ failure several days after being injected with a cosmetic filler. Police are treating her death as homicide.

From Santa Maria, in the Central Region, where she lived, Melani Aguiar, 20, left in late August to go to Santa Cruz do Sul, in the Rio Pardo Valley. She left her puppy Benhurin the care of her uncles, telling family members that she would return a few days later, but she could keep her promise.

On August 27 she was hospitalized after feeling sick while applying industrial silicone to her body but did not survive. The investigation of the death of the transsexual led the Civil Police to unveil a clandestine market in which cosmetic procedures are carried out with prohibited products, at low cost and with health risks.

From the beginning, the investigation treated Melani's death as a homicide. But the police only knew that the victim had been subjected to the application of industrial silicone - of use prohibited by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) in the human body because of the risks - and that the complications had led to her death. This product, used, for example, in the mechanical area and in constructions, when applied to the body can cause injuries and even death. It happened to the young woman.

Melani suffered from a septic syndrome, which is multiple organ dysfunction. The silicone, as it is liquid, ended up spreading throughout her body - explained police officer Ana Luísa Aita Pippi, from the 1st Police Station in Santa Cruz do Sul.

Report added: 17 Oct 2020. Last updated: 23 Oct 2020

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