TDoR 2020 / 2020 / September / 02 / Chiara Duarte

Chiara Duarte

Age 27

2 Sep 2020
São Paulo (Brazil)
Stabbed and thrown from a building

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Chiara Duarte
Chiara Duarte [photo:]

Chiara was stabbed and thrown from a 7th floor balcony by a client. He was arrested at the scene.

A trans woman was thrown from the seventh floor of a building after receiving knife blows after an argument with a client, on Rua Rangel Pestana, in the Sé neighborhood, in downtown São Paulo, at dawn on Wednesday (2).

According to police, the suspect allegedly met the woman at night and invited her to his apartment. The police say that, according to the suspect, when he noticed that she was a trans woman he dismissed her. According to the police, an argument started after the victim charged for the meeting.

During the discussion, the merchant reportedly stabbed the victim and then threw her body off the balcony on the 7th floor of the building.

When the Fire Department arrived, teams suspected a possible suicide. The police came to the scene and agents went up to the apartment where they caught the suspect while still inside the property, where two bloody knives were also found. The man was arrested in the act and sent to the CDP (Provisional Detention Center) and the case will be registered in the 1st DP (Sé).

Chiara's brother believes that his sister was a victim of hate crime:

"It was prejudice, it was a hate crime, transphobia. My sister just wanted to be happy. She lived in a trans reception center in downtown São Paulo, where she was also a volunteer"


Today was a sad day. Death as always interrupting dreams. Chiara Duarte, Trans Woman, 27 years old, but I'd like to live longer! I was living in Casa Blooming 2 and early on September 02, I was in Praça da See where I met an 18-year-old, a villain character of my brutal death.

Today at the Cemetery, her mother called the employee and said, 'I want to make a wish for my daughter. Which one? he asked. May my daughter will go away with lipstick. She's in a pink outfit and skirt She looks beautiful. Needs a lipstick though.

So they did, along with close relatives and three girls of the House Blooming - Vika Barbara and their best friend Erika.

Touching her mother's sad joy to say: She looks beautiful doesn't she? Look girl how beautiful she looks. Isn't my daughter beautiful? Yup why not she a girl and nobody has anything to do with it. Gotta respect...

Chiara was smiling. This was her face.

Chiara was thrown from the seventh floor of a building in the Square da See. According to the killer, he cheated himself by thinking she was a woman. YES!!! SHE WAS JUST A WOMAN! Murdered for thinking the obvious! However, in his misguided thought, he rejected that body that was strange to him. And discarded her...

There's the body stretched out on the ground.

There are the extended dreams on the ground.

There's an extended story on the ground.

On behalf of all Travestis, Trans and Professional Women of Casa Blooming 2, our affection to her family with which she maintained affective bonds... a rare relationship in the life story of these women.

On 25th April 2022 Jefferson Pereira Santos was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison for Chiara's murder. The presecution plans to go to appeal for a longer sentence.

The street vendor Jefferson Pereira Santos was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison this Monday afternoon (25), accused of killing the young transsexual [woman] Chiara Duarte Pereira and throwing her from a building, in Sé, downtown. of São Paulo, in September 2020. He was tried at the Criminal Forum of Barra Funda, west of the capital.

On the day of the crime, the 27-year-old was stabbed to death during an argument with the defendant. Subsequently, she was thrown from the balcony of the building. The victim's mother said that transphobia was the motive for the crime.

The street vendor says that he defended himself during a fight over payment for a [sex work] program and that he did not know that Chiara was transgender. Prosecutor's attorney Angelo Carbone said he will appeal the ruling and request that the sentence be extended.

Chiara's Facebook profile is

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