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Susana Criado Antón

Age 60

13 Sep 2020
Oviedo, Principado de Asturias (Spain)

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Susana Criado Antón
Susana Criado Antón [photo:]

Susana died after being beaten by her violent partner. He has been arrested.

A woman died at dawn from Saturday to Sunday at the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) after being attacked by a man in the vicinity of the Plaza de Primo de Rivera in Oviedo. The police are investigating the degree of kinship between the man and the woman, but police sources indicate that "apparently" it is her partner. He has been arrested and is in custody in the Oviedo Superior Headquarters, waiting to be brought to justice.

The events took place around 10 p.m. on Saturday. The investigators shuffle all the hypotheses, although the first indications suggest that it is a crime of sexist violence. According to El Comercio, the victim suffered from heart disease, and the man punched the woman hard in the chest, who entered the HUCA in a serious condition. The Government Delegation against Gender Violence has confirmed that the victim was 60 years old . The head of the department, Victoria Rosell, has requested respect for the victim in a message on Twitter: “Another victim of gender violence under investigation. A trans woman who was allegedly punched last night. He is in custody. The regulars of the apology of hatred and machismo, please respect at least the dead and the pain of others ”.

A vigil was held for Susana by local politicians on 15th September.

Susana's Facebook profile is

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