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Barbie Macon

Age 34

20 Sep 2020
Salvaterra, Pará (Brazil)

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Barbie Macon
Barbie Macon [photo:]

Barbie's body was found near her home on Sunday 20th September. She had been strangled and robbed. She was a candidate for councillor in the municipality.

Residents of the small Vila de Jubim community in the municipality of Salvaterra, in Marajó, are outraged by the death of 34-year-old salesman [deadname]. She was found dead, with signs of strangulation, on Sunday morning, 20.

The body was located by residents, next to a tree, on the Second Street of the Village. The cell phone and money were not stolen and the suspicion is homicide.

[deadname] was an ice cream vendor and a candidate for councilor known as "Barbie Macon" by the Republican Party of Social Order (PROS).

The information was confirmed by the party, which informed that Joel Macedo was part of the municipal commission and was very happy with the candidacy. In a note, the party lamented the early death. According to the Civil Police, a police report was recorded on the case, but so far, no one has been arrested.

The crime is considered by the police as robbery, since preliminary information indicates that the dead [woman] had belongings stolen after she was murdered.

A suspect was later arrested after an anonymous tipoff.

A boy known as “Bagunça” was arrested in the quilombola community Barro Alto, in Salvaterra, this Wednesday, 23, after more than a day of searching. Arielson da Conceição was appointed as the cousin and probable murderer of the candidate for vereador [deadname], known as Barbie Macon. [deadname] was found dead by her father, last Sunday morning, in Vila do Jubim.

According to information from residents of Passagem Grande, Bagunça was chased by people and reportedly suffered injuries to his head, arm and shoulder. The police sought the boy in Ramal do Juca, but only managed to arrest him in Barro Alto. The police work with the hypotheses of passionate crime or robbery.

Barbie's Facebook profile is

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