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Gökçe Umay

20 Sep 2020
Istanbul (Turkey)

Gökçe Umay
Gökçe Umay [photo:]

Gökçe's conservative family had disowned her and taken money from her bank account, and she was being bullied and threatened in the house to which she had moved in Istanbul.

ONE MORE SUICIDE ... Trans woman Gökçe Umay is also one of those who committed suicide, unable to withstand pressure. Gökçe Umay was originally from Karaman and was born to a conservative family. She got married at an early age, although she did not want to. She opened up to her wife, who ended the relationship by saying that she [Gökçe] can meet with her daughter as she wishes, provided that she leaves their home. Gökçe came to Istanbul after leaving Karaman, settling in with the help of friends there.

When her family found out that she had settled in Istanbul, the money in her bank account was confiscated through the bank. Gökçe, trying to build a different life for herself despite financial difficulties, was also subjected to pressures such as "kill yourself" or "squeeze your head" by her family, according to the statements of her friends.

In addition, Gökçe had problems with someone in the house where she was staying, being asked to leave the house and insulted for locking the door of her room after it had been entered without her permission.

She slept by putting her seat behind her door at night, and a few days before she committed suicide she had been threatened with violence.

Gökçe's Twitter account is

Report added: 2 Oct 2020. Last updated: 23 Oct 2020

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