TDoR 2020 / 2020 / September / 25 / Sandra Beatriz Rangel

Sandra Beatriz Rangel

Age 38

25 Sep 2020
Londrina, Paraná (Brazil)

Sandra Beatriz Rangel
Sandra Beatriz Rangel [photo:]

Sandra was shot in the face by a client in a motel. Her assailant escaped but is being hunted by the police after leaving his vehicle at the scene.

A 38-year-old [trans woman] was shot to death at dawn on Friday (25) around 2:30 am in a motel [Oasis] located on rua Luiza Betti, near Ceasa, in the north of Londrina.

The perpetrator of the crime, according to the Military Police, was the man who accompanied her. The establishment's employees activated the organ after hearing gunshots fired from the suite where the two were.

However, before the agents arrived on the scene, the man tried to escape by driving a black Fiat / Palio. As the porter refused to open the gate, the perpetrator left the vehicle and fled on foot, jumping over the motel walls.

When help came, the [trans woman] was dead. She was shot three times in the face and died while still in the establishment's suite.

The man has not yet been found by the military police. However, as he left the vehicle at the scene, some documents were found, enabling his identification.

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Report added: 26 Sep 2020

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