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Brisa Rafaela Dávila Rojas

Age 48

9 Nov 2020
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Brisa Rafaela Dávila Rojas
Brisa Rafaela Dávila Rojas [photo:]

Brisa died from COVID-19 in custody. After losing her identification documents the authorities then refused to release her body.

Las Mujeres Trans Migrantes denounced the fact that they cannot cremate Brisa Rafaela Dávila Rojas, the woman who died of coronavirus this Monday at the Dr. Oscar Alende Interzonal Acute General Hospital (Higa), because the security forces have lost her National Identity Document (DNI).

"The body of our companion is still lying in the morgue because the police lost her documentation and without that we cannot cremate her. It is shameful. Someone has to take charge," said Preta Naomi, one of the leaders of the Mar del Plata collective. In statements to 0223, she also strongly criticised the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service as she alleged that the trans woman - who died from Covid-19 - suffered a "violation of all her rights" during her stay in the trans women's pavilion of the Penal Unit Nº44 of Batán.

"They denied her access to health care and left her adrift. There was total negligence on the part of the Penitentiary Service and health officials," Naomi said, and assured that the inmate's release had been requested three different times.

On this day Tuesday, November 10, we mourn the death of our fellow trans woman, 48 years old, of Peruvian nationality and who lived in Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires Province).

She was deprived of her liberty in the prison service, Unit No. 44, in Batan (Mar Del Plata), where they violated all her rights, denying her access to healthcare, leaving her partner to her fate, amid being dismissed and totally abandoned by health professionals and officials of the Batan Penitentiary. We ask for justice #niunatransmenos

Our condolences to all the family, friends and acquaintances of she who in life was: Brisa Rafaela Davila Rojas

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