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Ester Vogue

Age 33 (born 11 Nov 1986)

10 Nov 2020
São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Ester Vogue
Ester Vogue [photo:]

Ester was burnt alive while sleeping on the street on Sunday 8th November. She was taken to hospital but died two days later - on the day before her birthday.

Two suspects have been arrested.

Three days before turning 34, the transvestite Ester Vogue, who was in the process of gender transition, was burnt alive in the middle of the street in downtown São Bernardo do Campo (SP), last Sunday (8). Ester was taken to the central emergency room of the city, with about 45% of her body burned. But this Tuesday (10) she died.

On Wednesday (11), the day of his birthday, her body was being veiled in Carapicuíba (Greater São Paulo).

The Civil Police informed the Forum that they are investigating a 25-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman for the crime. In the police report, the account states that Ester told emergency room staff that she was attacked at around 7 am on Sunday while she was sleeping.

Ester was involved with Casa Neon Cunha, which serves the LGBTQIA + population in São Bernardo. Through its social network accounts the organization published a note of condolence, calling for justice in the case and that the investigations reach the murderers. In the note, the crime report states that Esther was burned after arguing with a woman who had stolen from her.

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