TDoR 2021 / 2020 / November / 18 / Charlie Kelley

Charlie Kelley

Age 15 (born 17 Jul 2005)

18 Nov 2020
Portland, Louisiana (USA)

Charlie Kelley
Charlie Kelley [photo:]

Charlie died by suicide. In the last year and a half of their life, Charlie had come out—proudly—as gender non-binary. They used they/them pronouns.

There is no easy way to share tragic news, so we will start with the truth. Charlie Kelley died by suicide on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

Words truly cannot express the devastating pain that we are feeling right now. Charlie has left a chasm in our hearts, our souls, our very existence, and we are writing to you with our hearts wide open and our raw emotions laid bare.

We believe that there is no blame or shame in this tragedy. We believe, and have been encouraged by the professionals, that this news should be communicated honestly and openly. We hope that by sharing our story and pain, others will not have to suffer through what we are experiencing.

Charlie spent most of their far-too short time on this Earth skipping merrily through life, spreading joy wherever they went, for whomever they met. They were wise beyond their years, deeply caring and passionate. As a super-empath, the weight of the world became too much for Charlie to bear; an impulsive decision made in the excruciating pain of mental illness took Charlie from all of us.

Depending on how long it has been since our paths last crossed, you may or may not know that Charlie had come out—proudly—as gender non-binary and used they/them pronouns. Shifting names and pronouns can be challenging; however, we ask that you please make your best effort to honor Charlie’s identity, and to validate others who are navigating their own gender journeys. Transgender youth are at greater risk of suicide. By acknowledging the inherent dignity and validity of trans identity, we can continue working to create a more welcoming society that does not perpetuate transphobia and bigotry, ultimately preventing more suicides.

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