TDoR 2021 / 2020 / November / 18 / Maya Borg

Maya Borg

Age 30 (born 24 Sep 1990)

18 Nov 2020
Tournai, Hainaut (Belgium)

Maya Borg
Maya Borg [photo:]

Maya died from hypothermia on a park bench. As no-one claimed her body, the local community organised her funeral.

**Tribute to Maya, Trans Woman

1990 - 2020 - Homage to Maya, Trans Woman

Her name was Maya BORG, born September 24, 1990 in Lille, France, died November 18, 2020 in Tournai (Right next to the border and Lille).

Maya was homeless, 30 years old, and she died alone from hypothermia on a bench in Tournai on Wednesday, November 18.

No one has claimed the body, and she needs a dignified ceremony.


How do I stand here to say goodbye?

How do I tame this emptiness with my tears?

I'm told to think about your smile to wipe away my tears,

And on the pretext that you're gone, I must keep moving forward like you're still here.

What a pain to have to say goodbyes to you, to you who hated it above all!

You loved days, joy, happiness and their colors.

And if I stand there it's to say goodbye and leave in peace,

It's to tell you what we all know: ' ' It was not death that took you but life ".

Maya, Rest In Peace, find eternal rest among the angels and watch over us.

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