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Maria Clara de Oliveira

20 Nov 2020
Sorocaba, São Paulo (Brazil)

Maria Clara de Oliveira
Maria Clara de Oliveira [photo:]

Maria reportedly died by suicide.

17 - Maria Clara de Oliveira, Sorocaba / SP - 11/20/2020

However, some commenters have speculated that she may have been murdered and the killing disguised as a suicide. The news report at may well be related to this.

Guys, was it really suicide?

Because I was looking at her [facebook] and she posted a video of someone making threats. Was it not a murder made to look like a suicide?

She was my sister's friend / client. I told her and she thought the same thing.

Because she said she saw her 5 days ago, she was great because she had just had her chest done and had some aesthetic procedures... she was going to compete in miss trans and was at her peak.

Maria's Facebook profile is

Source: Observatório Trans

Report added: 2 Jan 2021

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