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Alejandra Villa Salazar

Age 54

7 Dec 2020
Balvanera, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Alejandra Villa Salazar
Alejandra Villa Salazar [photo:]

Alejandra was found lying on the floor of her apartment with a bag over her head on Monday 14th December. She had been dead for around 7-10 days.

A trans woman of Peruvian nationality who went missing about a week ago was found lifeless this Monday in an apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Balvanera, police sources reported.

The discovery of the body occurred after neighbors reported feeling nauseating odors from an apartment in a building located on avenida 2200 Corrientes. The asphyxiated trans woman, identified by her neighbors as Alejandra Salazar, was found by the Police in one of the rooms of the apartment marked by nauseating odors. She was lying on the floor next to a bed, naked and with a bag over her head.

The 35th Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Office, headed by the prosecutor Ignacio Mahiques, ordered expert reports by the Criminalistics Unit and determined that the victim was a 54-year-old Peruvian national.

A police spokesman added that experts estimate the date of death to have been between 7 and 10 days earlier.

Alejandra was a Peruvian national. It was surmised that her killer was probably a client.

Alejandra, a Peruvian national, had lived alone in that department for a short time. As Infobae learned , after much effort he finally managed to rent a place to live a little better. Perhaps for this reason, contact with the neighbors and the building manager himself was not very frequent and would partly explain why the victim remained dead for at least a week without anyone noticing. The woman was a sex worker and had been in Argentina for several years. The door to the home was not forced, so everything suggests that the murderer entered with Alejandra's consent. From the evidence found at the crime scene, it is assumed that the killer was one of her clients.

The La Rosa Naranja Civil Association, which supports and advocates for trans people, condemned the death of the woman through publications on social networks and demanded that justice be served.

Infobae spoke with Marcela Tobaldi, founder of La Rosa Naranja: “Just in 2020, in our organization we already know of 105 deaths of transgender people. In 2019 there were 100 and in 2018 about 80. And they do not die because they are trans, they die because most of them [have to do sex work]. That leads to a fatal environment. Drugs, sexually transmitted diseases and violence”, assured the leader.

She said Alejandra was a very introverted woman and preferred not to express herself when it came to a issues within the association. However, they all knew her and kept in regular contact with her. “She was a very reserved girl, very closed and calm. She wasn't expressive, she wasn't explosive like many girls. She would retire and leave and did not like noise, laughter, making jokes between us. When we raised serious issues she did not say much.

She had recently moved there, and the doorman [at the apartment building] was not very familiar with her. She had been dead for seven days and no-one caught his attention. It is an example of what we mean to society,” lamented Tobaldi, who is also an employee of the Judicial Branch of the City of Buenos Aires.

Later the same month two men were arrested for her murder.

Two men, one 20 years old and the other 40, were arrested accused of having participated in the crime of a trans woman of Peruvian nationality who was found murdered with a bag over her head 11 days ago in an apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Balvanera, they reported. today police sources.

The arrests for the crime were carried out after an investigation by the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor 35, Ignacio Mahiques, and detectives from the Summary Division and Prevention Brigades of the Communal Police Station 3 of the City Police.

Those arrested for the murder of Alejandra Villa Salazar (54) are a 20-year-old who is accused of being the perpetrator of the crime and his 40-year-old uncle, who is believed to have acted as a “bell”. Both were arrested when they were walking down Calle Solís at 10 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat.

In November 2022 Rodrigo Alejandro Keilis, 21 was convicted of Alejandra's murder. The following month he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

A 21-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Alejandra Salazar Villa, a trans woman whose crime was committed in December 2020 inside her apartment in the Balvanera neighborhood of Buenos Aires, although the court did not take into account the aggravating circumstance for "gender hatred", requested by the prosecution of the trial, judicial sources reported on Monday.

Rodrigo Alejandro Keilis (21) was found guilty by the Oral Criminal Court 26 of Buenos Aires for "aggravated homicide by gender violence" to the detriment of Alejandra Salazar Villa (54).

Despite this, TOC 26, made up of judges Marcelo Alvero, Maximiliano Dialeva and Carlos Rengel Mirat, did not include the aggravating factor of "gender hatred" in the sentence, which was a request that had been made by trial prosecutor Diana Goral.

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