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Tati Quirós Dávila

Age 20

7 Dec 2020
Playas del Coco, Guanacaste (Costa Rica)

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Tati Quirós Dávila
Tati Quirós Dávila [photo:]

Tati was shot in the street, reportedly after an argument with a man. She died at the scene.

A suspect has been identified and is being sought.

The sector known as El Precario in Playas del Coco de Carrillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica was stained with blood after a 21-year-old Nicaraguan was shot to death on public roads after a confrontation, said the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ).

The deceased was known as "La Titi", she was a [trans woman] with the surname Dávila who usually dressed as a woman at night to earn a living as a sex worker in the aforementioned tourist area.

The neighborhood is known for hosting poor families, and being frequented by drug users. The victim had problems with this type of substances, which may have motivated a fight with a subject who allegedly came to buy from the village.

Although no details are known of what triggered the fight, the authorities confirmed that Dávila was seen arguing with a man on the street, at a certain point that individual took out a firearm and shot her.

The police have already identified the person who took the life of the young [woman] and are finalizing details about his location in order to arrest him.

Local media misgendered and deadnamed her.

In the early morning of Monday, December 7, Tati Quirós was killed by gunshots in her chest in Playas del Coco, Carrillo. The news began to circulate saying that the victim was "a young man", that she was "undocumented" and "transvestite" and each publication was accompanied by a photo of her: a trans woman.

"Is it necessary to publish a photo of the deceased person?", "What is the need to mention their sexual orientation?", "Why do you say 'a young man' and post a photo of a woman?"

Tati was of Nicaraguan descent. Her Facebook profile is

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