TDoR 2021 / 2020 / December / 14 / Alejandra Rivera Murillo

Alejandra Rivera Murillo

14 Dec 2020
Arauca, Caldas (Colombia)

Alejandra Rivera Murillo
Alejandra Rivera Murillo [photo:]

Alejandra died several days after being stabbed in Manizales. An autopsy concluded that her death was a result of the stab wound.

There is no clarity on the cause of death of [deadname] Rivera Murillo, a [trans woman] from Arauca. In the district [hospital] it was indicated that she died of cardiac arrest, but it was known that she was injured a few days ago in Manizales as a result of a knife wound to the chest. Apparently complications followed.

The Forensic Medicine autopsy conculded that death occurred as a result of a sequelae [chronic complication] from the stab wound. The Prosecutor's Office will determine if it handles it as a homicide. If so, it would enter the statistics of violent deaths in the Caldas capital.

Alejandra's name was not included in the official TDoR 2021 memorial list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2021.

Report added: 23 Nov 2021. Last updated: 26 Nov 2021

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