TDoR 2021 / 2020 / December / 24 / Iratxe Otero

Iratxe Otero

Age 29

24 Dec 2020
Costa del Silencio, Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)

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Iratxe Otero
Iratxe Otero [photo:]

Iratxe's body was found near a shopping centre on Saturday 26th December 2020. She had been stabbed in the abdomen and had been dead around 48 hours.

A suspect was arrested several hours after the discovery of her body.

Early yesterday morning yesterday the authorities were notified about the discovery of a body next to a shopping center located in Costa del Silencio, within the municipality of Arona. Everything indicates that the death occurred at least two days before.

The scene that the specialists of the Civil Guard displaced in the vicinity of said shopping center, called El Chaparral, had to witness, was not pleasant for anyone.

On the ground was the lifeless body of a transsexual woman whose identity has only transcended that information, but nothing about her parentage or origin. Not only had at least 48 hours passed since the death had occurred, but the cause of death was obvious, although the last word in this regard always depends on the final results of the tests that make up an autopsy.

The corpse had wounds in the abdominal area compatible with an attack carried out with a knife. The number of possible stab wounds will be one of the unknowns revealed by forensic specialists from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Institute of Legal Medicine.

Iratxe was of Colombian origin. AsociaciĆ³n TransGirls Canarias organised a crowdfunder help her family in Bilbao with funeral expenses.

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