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30 Dec 2020
Ipiales, Nariño (Colombia)
Beaten and stabbed

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Ericka [photo:]

Fundación Red Comunitaria Trans reported Ericka's murder, saying "she was beaten, stabbed in the neck and there was sexual violence.". No other information is known about her.

Through its Twitter account Fundación Red Comunitaria Trans, an organization that works for the rights of the trans population in Colombia, has denounced the murder of a trans woman on Friday.

The victim's name was Erika and, according to that organization, "she was beaten, stabbed in the neck and there was sexual violence." The case was registered on December 30 in Ipiales, Nariño.

At the moment, no more details of the crime are known and the authorities have not released any information about the case.

The Trans Community Network pointed out that, including this case the number of trans people who have been murdered in Colombia in 2020 has increased to 32. The organization keeps a count of these crimes and, until now, they had documented 31 throughout the country.

However, several organizations have warned that there is an underreporting and that the number of trans people killed because of their gender identity is surely higher.

In 2021, the first murder was registered. The case was registered on Saturday, January 2, when Samantha, a woman behind who worked as a stylist in Mariquita, Tolima, was attacked by armed men who were mobilizing on a motorcycle and fled the place without being identified.

"The situation does not seem to improve," said the Trans Community Network, stating: "Trans people want to live .. . not only survive. "

Today we have to make visible a very painful case that no media covered. Ericka was beaten, stabbed in the neck and there was sexual violence. They killed her on December 30 in Ipiales. They killed her for being trans.

The numbers keep rising. In 2020, 32 trans people murdered.

Report added: 17 Jan 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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