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Keron Ravach

Age 13 (born 28 Jan 2007)

4 Jan 2021
Camocim, Ceará (Brazil)
Kicked, beaten and stabbed

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Keron Ravach
Keron Ravach [photo:]

Keron was killed by a 17 year old. The perpetrator (who had previously tried to kill his own mother) confessed to her murder.

The death of a 13-year-old teenager, who was known as Keron Ravach, shocked the city of Camocim, 457 km from Fortaleza. The student was beaten to death, hit with blows and punches. Friends report that Keron was shy, but had the dream of being known and becoming a digital influencer. She was going through a gender transition process.

Keron was killed at dawn on Monday, April 4. The main suspect, a 17-year-old teenager, was apprehended. According to the head of the Camocim Police Station, Chief Herbert Ponte, the boy confessed to the crime and says he met the victim to do a sexual program. However, there was a disagreement over the payment of the amounts and he killed the girl. He attacked by stabbing, beating, punching and kicking her.

According to the police chief, the teenager, who was apprehended 21 hours after the crime, is violent - and according to reports heard by the Civil Police, he had already tried to kill his own mother. With the elucidation of the case, the suspect was interned by the Justice. The crime, according to Herbert Ponte, touched the city. "He killed the child with a knife, while stoned. A barbaric crime," he says.

The educational institution where Keron studied, Escola de Ensino Fundamental Francisco Ottoni Coelho, issued a note of regret. "In this moment of pain and indignation, the entire school community is in solidarity with family, friends, colleagues and expresses the most sincere condolences", says the statement.

Keron died just over three weeks before her 14th birthday.

The victim would have been 14 on the 28th of this month. Her routine, according to her friends, was to study and play stamps every week in the town square. Most of the classmates who played with her were from the LGBTQ community and, after the games, they all went for a swim. The teenager was raised by a family member and had approximately 10 siblings, but who lived with different families. Keron's mother died a year ago, as O POVO found out with a victim's colleague, of cerebral aneurysm.

Her friend Ray Fontenelle says that Keron was shy, but she let go when she was among her colleagues. "Humble and full of dreams. She was loved by everyone and loved to dance. She wanted to be known, digital influencer, make videos dancing. She was very helpful," she said. Ray says he doesn't believe the 17-year-old's claim of buying sex from the victim. "I didn't believe in anything about her offering money for sex. She was very humble," he says.

On 21st January a judge ruled that her killer was guilty of the equivalent of triple qualified homicide and should be hospitalised indefinitely.


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