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Michele Almeida

Age 45

29 Jan 2021
Contagem, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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Michele Almeida
Michele Almeida [photo:]

Michele's body was found under a viaduct. When her family learnt of her death several days later transphobia by officials made it difficult to get her body released for burial.

A [trans woman] who had been missing for four days was found dead by relatives at the Instituto M├ędico Legal (IML) in Belo Horizonte on Sunday (31).

Information shows that Michele Almeida, 45, was stabbed to death under a viaduct in the capital of Minas Gerais. Michele was a student at Transvest, an NGO coordinated by city councilwoman Duda Salabert that aims to combat transphobia and facilitate the inclusion of transgender people in society.

According to the councilwoman, Michele's death may have been related to her marginalization.

"According to reports, 77% of murders of [trans people] in Brazil take place with exaggerated violence, exquisite cruelty, and she was possibly murdered doing [sex work]. Because of society's prejudice about 90% of [trans women] in Brazil are unfortunately [sex workers]. That is why it is important for us to fight for the employability of [trans people] people as a way to combat this structural hatred", she explained.

Duda Salabert said she will file a formal complaint with the Civil Police, demanding further investigations into the crime against Michele Almeida.

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Michele Almeida, my colleague and student of the @ongtransvest. Stabbing her in the neck ... She was a calm and sweet trans. The stab tore across her neck. I called her brother now and came across the transphobia: he told me that the IML is bureaucratizing the release of the body, because according to the IML "he is a man with a woman's document, so he has to go through other processes".

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