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Chyna Carrillo

Age 24 (born 3 Mar 1996)

18 Feb 2021
New Wilmington, Pennsylvania (USA)
Beaten and stabbed

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Chyna Carrillo
Chyna Carrillo [photo:]

Chyna died in hospital after being attacked in the back yard of a residential building. Police who were called to the scene shot dead her attacker.

Police shot and killed a man who murdered a 24-year-old hispanic transgender woman in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania on Thursday. The transgender woman was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in Youngstown where she died state police confirmed.

According to police they responded to a call at a home on South New Castle Street where they found the suspect beating a woman with a blunt instrument. Police said when officers told the suspect to stop the attack, the suspect refused. Officers then opened fire, killing the suspect.

Police said the victim, a transgender woman, died from her injuries at the hospital. This incident caused the New Wilmington Area School District to temporarily lockdown at the request of police.

Neighbors called this incident an “unfortunate situation.” Update: State Police know that the victim is transgender but State police have only given us her dead name.

Afterwards it transpired that the man shot by police had served time in prison for killing his wife in July 2011.

DEBBIE WACHTER | News Lawrence County Coroner Rich "R.J." Johnson talks with a state police investigator outside of a house in New Wilmington Borough, were a woman was stabbed and a borough officer shot and killed the man suspected in her death.

Juan Carter Hernandez recently had been released from prison in North Carolina for having shot his 20-year-old wife to death in July of 2011.

On Thursday, the 33-year-old Hernandez pummeled Chyna Carrillo, also known as Chyna Cardena, 24, to death with a blunt object, then New Wilmington Borough police shot and killed him.

Hernandez, who was living in Campbell, Ohio, had deserted the Marine Corps just before his wife's death, according to an article published in 2014 in the Jacksonville Daily News in North Carolina. He was wanted at that time on a federal warrant for desertion.

The article indicates a grand jury indicted Hernandez in 2013 in the killing of his wife, and he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in May 2014, when he was sentenced to eight to 10 years and fourth months in prison.

Chyna's Facebook and Instagram profiles are and Note that some reports name her as Chyna and some as Chynaa.

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