TDoR 2021 / 2021 / March / 07 / Alexandra Monteiro (Alexandra Corrêa de Oliveira)

Alexandra Monteiro (Alexandra Corrêa de Oliveira)

Age 30

7 Mar 2021
Cuiabá, Matto Grosso (Brazil)

Alexandra Monteiro (Alexandra Corrêa de Oliveira)
Alexandra Monteiro (Alexandra Corrêa de Oliveira) [photo:]

Alexandra's mother found her body in her bathroom, wrapped in a sheet and with her hands tied.

A 30-year-old [trans woman] identified as Alexandra was found dead on Sunday (07) by her own mother, in the residence where she lived in the Altos do Cuiabá neighborhood, in the capital.

According to the information, the victim's mother said she spoke to her daughter last Friday (05), however, as the daughter did not answer her anymore and was missing all Saturday (06).

Alexandra's mother went to the property after her daughter and found the [trans woman] dead in a state of decay. The body was wrapped in a sheet, with hands tied by rope. Family members reported that Alexandra had a troubled relationship with a boy who has already been identified by the police.

They also said that he had been threatening her with death. Relatives noticed that some home appliances and the victim's cell phone were missing.

On 31st March Marcelo de Almeida Moura was arrested in connection with her murder.

The Civil Police last Wednesday (31) carried out an arrest warrant against Marcelo de Almeida Moura, suspected of murdering [trans woman] Alexandra Monteiro on March 7. The suspect was already detained in the Public Prison of Várzea Grande (Capão Grande). Marcelo already has convictions for attempted murder and for a rape committed against his own sister.

Alexandra and Marcelo were in a troubled relationship. Days before committing the murder, Marcelo, who was wearing an ankle tag by court order, broke the equipment - an action which registered a police report - claiming that he was forced to dispose of the device as a result of threats from five men.

After killing Alexandra, the suspect took her cell phone and posted on the victim's social networks, saying "#partiuRondonopolis", implying that the victim would have traveled. However, Alexandra was dead in the bathroom of her home. The police verified that Marcelo already had a criminal record, with a history of homicide and also rape, committed against his own sister.

Report added: 13 Mar 2021. Last updated: 17 Apr 2021

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