TDoR 2021 / 2021 / March / 26 / Nathally Mendes Alves

Nathally Mendes Alves

Age 31

26 Mar 2021
Guaíra, São Paulo (Brazil)
Not reported

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Nathally Mendes Alves
Nathally Mendes Alves [photo:]

Nathally's body was found in a residence with signs of violence on Friday 26th March. Her boyfriend was subsequently arrested.

The [trans woman] Nathally Mendes Alves, 31, was found dead on rua 24B in the Thais 2 neighborhood. According to police present at the scene, Nathally was found dead with signs of violence.

The police are now waiting for the investigation to find out what would have happened. According to information from neighbors, Nathally had quarreled with her boyfriend and he was the one who killed her. The police are investigating the case.

The accused who is suspected to have killed [trans woman] Nathally Mendes was captured this afternoon on Friday, March 26 while hiding at the bus station.

Nathally's Facebook profile is

Source: Observatório Trans

Report added: 28 Mar 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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