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Madalena Leite

Age 64 (born 27 Dec 1956)

7 Apr 2021
Piracicaba, São Paulo (Brazil)

Madalena Leite
Madalena Leite [photo:]

Madalena was a former city councillor, having been elected in 2012. Her body was found with signs of violence in her home on Wednesday 7th April.

Former city councilwoman Madalena Leite, the first [trans woman] to be elected in the city of Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo, died on Wednesday, 7. The information was confirmed by the city council.

The former parliamentarian was 64 years old and was found dead at her home in the Boa Esperança neighborhood, with marks of violence on her face. The neighbor who found the Madalena's body on the sofa in the living room called the police when they realized that the gate of the residence was just leaning.

The body of the ex-councilwoman was sent to the Instituto Médico Legal (IML) and so far there are no suspects for the crime. The case was referred to the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic) of Piracicaba where it was registered as a homicide. The wake took place this afternoon from 12pm to 3pm.

Elected councilor in 2012, Madalena received 3,035 votes, having the PSDB's second best performance in that election. At the time, she had been a community leader for 25 years, being considered an icon in the city. In early 2016, Madalena asked to leave the Chamber for health reasons after discovering prostate cancer.

In the following elections, she withdrew her candidacy, saying that, in addition to health issues, she had suffered racist and homophobic assaults on social networks during her term in the legislature.

In September 2021, it was reported that a documentary named "Meu nome é Madalena" was being made about her:

In honor of Madalena Leite, the former Piracicaba (SP) councilor who was murdered in April 2021, an independent documentary named "Meu nome é Madalena", is being produced. The proect is a collective one that will tell the story of first transgender woman to be elected councilor in the city.

A poor, black trans woman, Madalena had been the victim of numerous prejudiced attacks and threats from her inauguration in 2012 until her brutal murder in April 2021.

The pre-production of the documentary directed and scripted by Thiago Barros, took place between May and July this year, 2021, and collected photographs and video recordings of Madalena's testimonies, which will be used as the main narrative element of the film.

Madalena's Facebook profile is

Source: Observatório Trans

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