TDoR 2021 / 2021 / April / 27 / Luana Morais

Luana Morais

Age 20

27 Apr 2021
Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará (Brazil)

Luana Morais
Luana Morais [photo:]

Luana was shot several times at around 10:30pm on Tuesday 27th April. She died in hospital.

Exactly three weeks later another [trans woman] was murdered in Juazeiro do Norte. At around 10:30 pm this Monday Pedro Lucas Morais, 20, the [trans woman] Luana, who lived on Rua Bom Jesus (Bairro Zacarias Gonçalves) in Crato, was injured with several shots. The crime took place on Rua João Pereira da Silva (Campo Alegre) in Juazeiro. She was taken to the Regional Hospital of Cariri (HRC), but died early this Tuesday.

In 2018 Luana became a witness to a crime of drug trafficking that had as an indictment, at the Police Station of Crato, Rafaela Ferreira Batista, 25 years old. The following year she was the victim of a criminal misdemeanor by Jonnas Oliveira da Silva, whose trial is still pending in the Special Civil and Criminal Court of Crato.

The other [trans woman] killed this year in Juazeiro was 16-year-old Pietra Valentina, who lived on Rua Ernestina Sobreira near the Nossa Senhora das Dores dispensary in the Limoeiro neighborhood. She was murdered with several knife blows on April 5 at Rua São Sebastião near Escola Tabelião Expedito Pereira in the Pio XII neighborhood.

Report added: 1 May 2021. Last updated: 4 Jul 2021

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