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Serenity Hollis

Age 24

8 May 2021
Albany, Georgia (USA)

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Serenity Hollis
Serenity Hollis [photo:]

Serenity was shot while walking along the street. Like far too many trans murder victims, local police repeatedly deadnamed and misgendered her.

Transgender woman Serenity Hollis, 24, was shot and killed execution-style on May 8th at 4:00 am., while walking along West Highland Ave. in Albany Georgia. Albany police have repeatedly deadnamed and misgendered Serenity Hollis in media reports. However, the DA recently said ‘every indication’ pointed to her murder being a hate crime.

The APD has released a grainy video of the murder on Facebook but settings prohibit sharing it. It shows an individual approaching Serenity Hollis from behind and apparently shooting her in the back of her head. The perp then fled on foot. Planet trans zoomed into the three seconds before her murder. It appears that she was wearing a skirt and sensible heels.

“I don’t think it’s random. I believe honestly because of the way [she] carried [herself] that a lot of people took offense to it,” her sister Sara Osberry said. “So honestly I believe it was either a hate crime or an act of revenge for some reason.”

Serenity's Facebook profile is

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