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Pamela ("Pam")

1 Jun 2021

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Pamela ("Pam")
Pamela ("Pam") [photo:]

Pamela was reportedly found beheaded in her apartment. She was a refugee from DRC Congo who we believe was living somewhere in Turkey.

To be very honest Iam trying my best to divert my frustrations but it's really hard, very very hard, how does one calm down when they loose a special friend? A very close friend?

I lost a best friend and a beautiful trans gender girl this afternoon.

I met Pamela when I was a refugee in Kenya, she had run away from DRC Congo , I had run away from Uganda.

Unfortunately when she arrived in Kenya running away from transphobia in Congo, UNHCR Kenya could not register her in time.

Me and her attended a United Nations Youth Summit in Kenya representing trans gender refugees and all LGBQ+ refugees in Africa and she met a friend through the summit from Turkey who helped her travel to Turkey.

This morning she was found dead in her apartment, her head had been cut off completely by unknown people .

This particular girl and I have been two resilient and enduring human beings , we have shared our wins and struggles together.

The level at which trans gender persons with an African origin get murdered all the time by unknown people and justice never gets served is devastating.

Iam so hurt beyond measure, Iam honestly so hurt.

Tonight I just feel like laying low, not talk to nobody and let this pain sink in too and take big breaths .

Rest in power Pam please just rest in power for me.

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