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Dee Dee Thomas

Age 42

6 Jun 2021
New York (USA)
Not reported

Dee Dee Thomas
Dee Dee Thomas [photo:]

DeeDee's decomposing body was found in a dumpster on Sunday 6th June. She was homeless and her death is considered suspicious.

Police are calling the death of DeeDee Thomas, 42 “suspicious” a month after her badly decomposed body was found in a New York City Dumpster, oxygen first reported. This is all that DeeDee Thomas’s family has been told and they are demanding answers. Foul play is suspected, however, her death hasn’t yet been ruled a homicide. It’s also unclear how she may have died. An autopsy is pending.

“This is a mystery,” David Rucker, DeeDee Thomas’ brother said. “I don’t know how she wound up in there like that. And who would do something like that? She can’t do that by herself. I need answers but they not giving me no answers”.

Police said a 43-year-old man collecting cans on the FDR Drive promenade between East 112th and East 114th streets made the grisly find shortly after 2:30 a.m. The unidentified man knocked over a garbage can while digging around and noticed a large amount of blood spill out, cops said. The man called the police, who then discovered the body stuffed in a bag inside the receptacle the NY Post reports.

“[DeeDee] is notable for dying in Pride month and nobody is talking about it,” Mariah Lopez, executive director of S.T.A.R.R., America’s oldest transgender rights organization, told The 36-year-old trans activist knew Thomas personally. She explained that the area where Thomas’ body was found is “very dangerous.” She, too, is restlessly waiting on autopsy results.

“They didn’t need to dispose of her like trash,” Lopez added. “She did not get there by accident. She was either murdered or she got there because we failed her. You don’t ignore a person who died and whose body is disposed of in the street.”

Thomas’ family described her as a “happy,” “beautiful,” and “sweet soul” who “loved all her family deeply.” Most of all, Thomas was a bombastic storyteller, loved ones said. "You could hear her talk all day," Rucker said. "She got the gift of gab, you just don't know."

Thomas grew up in the Bronx’s Forest Houses projects. “She liked to dance, she liked to sing, and she loved to do hair, too, and make up,” Brazier added. “She loved all that.” Thomas transitioned in her 20s, her family said. “From a child, she knew who she was,” Brazier added. “She was always curious, asked a lot of questions. Wanted to know everything.”

In April 2022 Shareem Hall was sentenced to 7 years in prison for Dee Dee's murder. Two others were sentenced to 8 years, and Chyeme Hall is due to be sentenced in May 2022.

One of two brothers who admitted taking part in the fatal street robbery of a 24-year-old transgender woman in the District was given a seven-year prison term Friday by a judge who credited him for cooperating with prosecutors in the case but declared: “You can’t get a pass. … Some events are just too bad, they’re too heinous.”

Shareem Hall, now 28, and his younger brother, Chyeme Hall, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the 2016 shooting of Deeniquia “Dee Dee” Dodds. They then testified in D.C. Superior Court against their two accomplices in the botched robbery. After a mistrial caused by a deadlocked jury, the two other men agreed to plea bargains and were given eight-year prison terms.

Chyeme Hall is scheduled to be sentenced next month. On Friday, Shareem Hall appeared before Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee Jr. and said he was sorry for participating in a string of early-morning street stickups when Dodds was killed.

Report added: 27 Jun 2021. Last updated: 8 Oct 2022

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