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Lucíana Moscoso

10 Jun 2021
Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

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Lucíana Moscoso
Lucíana Moscoso [photo:]

Lucíana was killed in her home. She was a stylist and a member of Red Comunitaria Trans.

They killed Luciana!

They are killing us, they are exterminating us. With deep pain we want to denounce that today we found the lifeless body of Lucíana Moscoso, a member of the Trans Community Network. Her body had been lifeless in her house for two days. They broke into her apartment and robbed her. They are killing us!

We demand that the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation Office of the Attorney General of the Nation Colombia Mayor's Office of Bogotá Personería of Bogotá advance investigations into her murder and that Luciana's death does NOT go unpunished.

It is not easy having to record our sisters' murders every day. It hurts us and it is impossible not to be afraid...tomorrow could be any of us.

We will not rest until we achieve justice for Luciana!!

In March 2022 Red Comunitaria Trans reported that her killer, identified as Jonathan David Castro Acuña, had been apprehended.

We have just had it confirmed that Luciana Moscoso's murderer was captured last night. It hurts to remember how her dreams were murdered. Today we have a feeling of impotence which is difficult to explain without tears.

We always remember you sister. We don't rest until we achieve #JusticiaParaLuciana !

Lucíana's Facebook profiles are and Her twitter profile is

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