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Nicolly Xavier Azevedo

Age 39

12 Jun 2021
Luziânia, Goiás (Brazil)

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Nicolly Xavier Azevedo
Nicolly Xavier Azevedo [photo:]

Nicolly died in hospital on Saturday 15th June - five months after being stabbed by a man she was in a relationship with on Monday 11th January.

Relatives of transsexual [woman] Nicolly Xavier Azevedo, 39, who died after being hospitalized for five months after receiving more than 20 stab wounds, are calling for justice. According to cousin Gislany Nicole Lourenço, the victim was killed by a man she had a relationship with in the house where she lived, in Luziânia, in the vicinity of the Federal District. The Civil Police are investigating the case.

“Just thinking that my cousin's killer is out there, out there, without paying for what he did, we haven't even slept. We will only rest when we are sure that he is paying for the crime he committed,” she said.

Nicolly died last Saturday (12). According to Gislany, family members realized that something was strange after the transsexual [woman] did not show up for work on January 11 this year, a Monday. In search of answers, the victim's mother and sister went to her house, when they found her unconscious and with several stab wounds on her body.

“She worked as a day laborer and never missed work. But that day she didn't show up. Her boss thought something was amiss and called my aunt. Then they went to her house and found her all bloody and passed out. We believe she was stabbed at dawn on that same day,” he said.

After being found by family members, Nicolly was taken to an Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Luziânia and then transferred to a hospital in the Federal District, where she was hospitalized for more than five months. According to the family, last Saturday, she died of her injuries while she was undergoing surgery.

“She was stabbed in the back, arms, face and genitals. A few stab wounds hit her spine, which left her paraplegic. She spent all this time in the hospital struggling to survive, but unfortunately she couldn't," she said.

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