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Nila Gupta

12 Jun 2021
London (United Kingdom)

Nila Gupta
Nila Gupta [photo:]

Nila died by suicide. They were one of the co-founders of Bi’s of Colour.

Nila, one of the co-founders of Bi’s of Colour died a few days ago. We are all saddened not only by their death, but by the way they were mistreated by people and organisations that were supposed to help disabled, queer People of Colour. We are angry that Nila is yet another example of how a patriarchal, white supremacist society treats the most vulnerable, and how we have to beg and plead for years before we receive the most basic of help. We are tired of seeing bi, trans, queer and disabled Black people and People of Colour having to remind others that we exist; that the help we need isn’t going to be the same as everyone else, and that we are worthy of simply living a life of peace.

Bisexuals of Colour have lost so much with Nila’s death – an activist powerhouse, a compassionate human, and a friend who was there for us, even when they had a lot of issues to contend with themselves.

We will miss you, mate.

In December 2020 Nila had given an interview for Disability History Month:

Nila's Facebook profile is and Their bio at reads:

"Nila Gupta is an artist, writer and cultural critic, specialising in race, class, gender, disability and performance. They are a working-class British Bengali genderf*cker, bi and trans person of colour, and have multiple complex disabilities. They are also a full-time claimant of disability benefits in the UK, and a survivor."

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