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Roberta Silva

Age 32

9 Jul 2021
Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil)
Burned alive

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Roberta Silva

Roberta died in hospital two weeks after being set alight by a teenager while she was sleeping in the street near Santa Rita Pier bus terminal.

She had suffered 40% burns and died despite both of her arms being partly or fully amputated in an effort to save her.

Roberta da Silva, the trans woman who had 40% of her body burnt by a teenager in the Center on June 24, died this Friday (9) at the Hospital da Restauração (HR) in the central area of Recife . The death occurred at 9 am, according to the press office of the health unit.

According to HR, Roberta da Silva suffered respiratory and renal failure. Her health condition has worsened in the last hours, and although the medical team of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) performed hemodialysis, the patient did not respond. Before that, she had one arm completely amputated and part of the other due to the severity of the injuries. Initially, the information was that she was 33 years old, but the hospital said on Friday that she was 32, according to documents.

The attack against Roberta occurred when she, who lived on the streets of downtown Recife, was sleeping near the Santa Rita Pier Bus Terminal, according to the victim's report to doctors. A teenager had poured alcohol over her and set her on fire. He was apprehended in the act.

Roberta da Silva underwent several surgeries over 15 days of hospitalization. First, she had his left arm amputated on June 26th. Even with care, she had progressive necrosis and four days after the first intervention, the doctors removed part of her right arm, preserving only a piece above the elbow.

On July 5, Roberta's condition worsened again and she was taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to be intubated.,1280423/adolescente-coloca-fogo-em-mulher-trans-no-recife.shtml

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