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Fatima Belén Barrios

Age 29

18 Jul 2021
Formosa (Argentina)
Died in custody

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Fatima Belén Barrios
Fatima Belén Barrios [photo:]

Fátima died in suspicious circumstances at a police station. When released for burial her body showed signs of violence that had not been there when she was arrested.

On Sunday, July 18, at 7 am, Fátima Belén Barrios, a 29-year-old transgender girl , died at the Guadalupe neighborhood police station in Formosa province.

According to the police report, Fátima Belén and a friend were arrested that night after the owner of the rental where they lived, denounced them "for causing disorder and damage to the property and a vehicle" of the same. According to the police report, at the police station she suffered a decompensation, and when medical personnel of the Provincial Integrated System of Emergencies and Catastrophes (SIPEC) arrived, Fatima no longer had vital signs.

Faced with uncertainty about the cause of death, family members and various organizations met in front of the police station to hold a press conference where her mother declared: “They told me that my daughter died of an overdose but before that they told me that she was pretending, that she did not want to give her information. I am sure that she was beaten to death”. A friend of Fatima who was with her when she was arrested added: "Fatima left without any signs of blows, but in the drawer [at the morgue] her forehead was flattened."

In dialogue with SUDAKA TLGBINB Agency, Patricia González, a reference for the Free and Diverses group from Formosa, said: “The report was labeled as an overdose, but her mother told us that she had marks on her head and neck, they only had her body for one hour". "When the police brought the body to my house, they told us that we could only be with her for two hours and immediately they took her away to bury. They told us that this was the way to proceed due to the pandemic."

"They gave us the body all beaten, her nose was broken, blows to the forehead, knee and the whole body bloody. They put her in a black bag inside the drawer and they didn't want us to open the bag. But we did it anyway and we saw the blows," Fatima's mother added.

The police in the area have a record of covering up hate crimes against trans women.

In Formosa we have to mourn a new death of a trans woman and at the hands of the police of Insfrán, who already has to her credit several transgressions, deaths of minors, and cover-ups of hate crimes as was the case of Erika Rojas in 2016, which was "resolved" covered with doubts between the actions of the police and justice.

We demand the urgent investigation of the case. We ask for justice for Fatima Belén. No more hate crimes.

Justice for Fatima #FueLaPolicia

From AMMAR - Argentine sex workers' union demand clarification and demand justice for the murder of Fatima Belen Barrios, 29-year-old trans sex worker who was found lifeless yesterday Sunday July 18th in the Guadalupe neighborhood deputy station in Formosa Capital.

Fatima was taken from her home to the sub precinct yesterday Sunday morning on complaints from neighbors. Then when his family approached claiming detention, police informed him that he was dead. Fatima's body was full of blows and cuts by relatives.

We call for investigation of Fatima's transfemicide and once again condemn the constant police attacks suffered by sex workers, mainly members of the [trans] community, and against the validity of articles criminalizing sex work and regulations that expose us to hiding.

Enough of the transfemicides

Enough of the police violence

Fatima's Facebook profile is

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