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Anannyah Kumari Alex

Age 28

20 Jul 2021
Kochi, Kerala (India)

Anannyah Kumari Alex
Anannyah Kumari Alex [photo:]

Anannyah's body was found in her apartment. She was the first trans DJ in Kerala, and the first trans person to seek election to the Kerala Legislative Assembly.

Three days after her death her partner Jiju also died by suicide.

A trailblazing Indian trans woman who weathered death threats from politicians and spoke out against the “medical negligence” faced by the trans community was found dead Tuesday (20 June).

Anannyah Kumari Alex is believed to have died by suicide in her apartment in Kochi, Kerala, the Kalamassery Police said. She was 28 years old.

“She was found dead in her apartment on Tuesday evening,” an official told The News Minute. “It is suspected to be a suicide, more details can be told only after conducting post-mortem.” With pressure from loved ones mounting, the state’s government has launched a high-level probe into Alex’s death.

Just weeks before her passing, Alex spoke out against the “medical negligence” she experienced after undergoing gender-affirming surgery at a private hospital in June 2020. The botched operation left her suffering from “indescribable” pain, she said in an interview with The Cue.

“Even when I stand for a longer time, sneeze, laugh or even brush my teeth, I have severe discomforts,” she said. “I have also been experiencing breathing difficulties.”

More than a year after the operation, the pain she experienced was so severe she was unable to work. There is no money,” she said, adding: “I speak boldly because I want to live.”

Anannyah Kumari Alex spoke of how many trans Indians are forced to cobble together the funds for gender-affirming surgery through sex work and begging.

“But after that, when this is the result they get,” she said, “what are they supposed to do? “Why are marginalised people like us being attacked like this for money?”

“I’m a victim of gross negligence,” she added. “I want justice. I hope you all stand with me.”

After her passing, loved ones and fellow activists lodged a complaint to the chief minister seeking an inquiry into her death. Health minister Veena George and social justice minister R Bindhu ordered police to conduct a probe Wednesday.

In June 2020 Anannyah had undergone a botched gender confirmation surgery at a private hospital and had been in extreme pain ever since.

Days before her death, Alex told a media outlet called The Cue that she became a victim of “gross medical negligence” during her gender confirmation surgery in June 2020 at a private hospital called Renai Medicity. “My private part looks like a piece of meat,” she said in a video interview. “I want to conduct a resurgery. I want justice.”

Saadiya, who is Kerala’s first trans woman TV journalist, added that she herself got her gender confirmation surgery five years ago, but recovered in time. “Anannyah had to change her sanitary napkin at least eight times a day due to fluids and bleeding.”

Alex had been speaking up about her gender confirmation surgery experience for several months, on social media and news outlets. In one news interview with the regional publication Mathrubhumi, Alex said the Renai Medicity doctors “slashed [her] body here and there”.

In yet another interview, she said she couldn’t stand, sneeze, laugh, brush her teeth or even breathe properly. “The money for the surgeries are painstakingly made by many through sex work, pooling from here and there, and even begging,” she had said. “Why are marginalised people like us being attacked like this for money?”

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