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Gil Mendes ("Gigi")

Age 33

7 Aug 2021
União dos Palmares, Alagoas (Brazil)

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Gil Mendes ("Gigi")
Gil Mendes ("Gigi") [photo:]

Gilgi's body was found in her home wrapped in a sheet and surrounded by bloodstains on Saturday 7th August.

The death of a transsexual woman, whose registered name is [deadname] da Silva, 33, may have been passionate, explained delegate Edberg Sobral, head of the 11th Regional Police Station (11th DRP), responsible for the criminal investigation.

The body of the victim, who was known as Gil, was found wrapped in a sheet inside her home, on Rua Alonso Costa in the neighborhood Roberto Correia de Araújo of União dos Palmares. There was a lot of blood at the scene and a broken bench beside the bed.

The cause of death was head trauma, according to information from the Official Expertise. Military personnel from the 2nd Military Police Battalion (2nd BPM), who attended the incident, said that the [trans woman] lived alone and, after committing the crime, the suspect had secured the property's door with a chain.

A suspect was arrested on 19th August. Subsequently he confessed that he killed her after she refused to have sex with him.

A man suspected of killing a [trans woman] in the municipality of União dos Palmares, Zona da Mata, Alagoas, was arrested this Thursday (19/08). According to regional delegate Edberg Sobral, the suspect was ordered to be held in custody and confessed the crime to the police. The 33-year-old [trans woman] known as Gigi was found dead in her home, in the Roberto Correia de Araújo neighborhood, on August 7th (08/07).

In an interview given to BR 104, police chief Edberg Oliveira stated that the accused had confessed to the crime and provided information during an interrogation that took place at the headquarters of the PC in the municipality. Details indicate that the victim and the executioner had been drinking alcoholic beverages and 'Gigi' refused to have sex with the man. The accused used a bench and struck the victim, who was hit in the skull and died from her wounds.

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