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Sabrina Martins

Age 36

7 Aug 2021
Joinville, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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Sabrina Martins
Sabrina Martins [photo:]

Sabrina was shot eight times while at a wake for her partner held in a mortuary chapel. He had been killed by gunmen the night before.

Sabrina Martins was hit by eight shots while interring the body of her companion - who had been murdered the night before - in Joinville on Friday night (6).

A shocking crime and that highlights the daring of the suspects caught the attention of Joinville, in the North of Santa Catarina, on Friday night (6). A 36-year-old woman was shot eight times while she stood next to her partner's coffin during a wake being held on the east side of the city. He had been murdered the night before.

Sabrina Martins, 36, was a transgender woman and was at the wake of her partner, motoboy Emerson Ferkrusser Mello Júnior, 23, who was brutally murdered with more than 15 shots on Thursday night (5). She was surprised by two men, who shot her numerous times.

At least 15 shots were fired inside the São Sebastião mortuary chapel, in the Iririú neighborhood. She was taken to hospital, but died minutes later.

Sabrina's prior partner had also been murdered. Her final Facebook posts were ones of mourning and dispair.

Sabrina's final post on social media was a photo stating that her partner had been killed. The image was published around 4am on Friday 6. In the post, she mourned Emerson's death and commented that her previous companion had died similarly.

“My husband was killed. All over again. Same as [other companion's name]. I have no ground,” she wrote.

Sabrina's Facebook profile is


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